The beginning

The dawn of COVID-19 is broadcast all over the world with Wuhan, China at the center of attention. A slew of media frenzy and inconsistent reports building fear and hate worldwide. Amidst this frustrating and uncertain period, reports of violence and discrimination against Asians are brought to light. As time passed, these hate-driven opinions and attacks were becoming normalized. A need to speak out as a moral duty had become dire and apparent.

The mission

Utilizing an interactive social media campaign with the hashtag #ItsASmileBehindTheMask and #WeSupportChina2020, we worked with our sister travel company, Shake to Win which manages hundreds of partnering travel locations, companies, and institutions to raise awareness against discrimination, violence, and misinformation. The campaign is also linked with a charity foundation that works to collect donations to provide immediate medical support to those that need it the most.

The execution

We created a UGC social media movement where visitors could build traction by encouraging the use of 2 specific hashtags in multiple channels followed up with media awareness for the campaign through direct and indirect channels. Creative assets and campaign posters were made available to all of the vendors within the Shake to Win travel Saas platform network. Working with the Shanghai Charity Foundation, we contributed to the fundraising project: “Special Action to Fight Against Coronavirus”

Campaign Visuals

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