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The problem

Chinese consumers were unaware that Geox is renowned for creating state-of-the-art, footwear ideal for all-weather and terrains. Functional, yet stylish, Geox remained shunned by younger consumers.
Insight: Bad weather makes a trip less enjoyable.
The brief
Our task was to take on the market with a fresh approach to engage a younger audience using a language they understand, making Geox their top choice of footwear when looking for the perfect blend of function and style in a shoe.
Idea: Bad Weather,Good Trip.

The result 

Our first phase created a social whirlwind that reached nearly 1.3 Million readerships and gathered 2075 unique active participants on Weibo, resulting in a 233% increase in user engagement over the 3-week campaign runtime.

Our banners on the weather APP alone recorded nearly 25 Million views in 3 days, with more than 200,000 clicks, while the campaign site gathered around 6500 Total page views within the two-week period. With more than 33,000 Unique Views and the collection of 500 users’ personal data, it is safe to say that they were blown away!

APP development – Bad weather Good trip.
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