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The brief 

Levi’s brand image in China is known to be an old-fashioned brand that grandparents used to wear. They want to wash off this image and target younger consumers.

The solution

 Leveraging the growing love for custom goods and DIY crafting, we tied the live painting competition, Art Battle China (Paint Battle), and Levi’s in a special event collaboration paired with an offline to online campaign that would lead to discount offers and larger sales conversions by vibrantly stimulating the customer experience.

The execution 

We brought 4 talented artists from the painting competition to paint a limited number of custom T-shirts which would only be available during the event. Alongside the event and T-shirts we created a whole room that could be customized with Levi’s merchandise to be used as a canvas for the audience. The event itself was held in the hip art hub of Shanghai, M50 and catered to young audiences with a live DJ, drinks, art embraced by a backdrop made of Levi’s jeans.

Interview – Custom Limited Edition Artist T-Shirts

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Levi’s: Art Battle – Event Photos