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The brief

VEOCEL™, as a brand new cosmetic / personal care fabric fiber brand from Austria, its materials are derived from 100% pure plant extract and can be 100% biodegradable. Let cooperative b-end category and consumers understand the benefits of VEOCEL™ on skin, and promote more people to experience than not only the use of VEOCEL™ in b-end products. And take advantage of the influence of consumers (C-end), help to expand b-end customers and VEOCEL™ business in China.

The Solution

We created an environment-friendly setup and platform for the brand: the Global Citizen Program. Through the special environmental protection attribute of VEOCEL™,we established the concept of “VEOCEL™ = Supporting sustainable lifestyle” in the minds of consumers, and the concept of Global Citizen is deeply communicated with consumers in stages to establish a positive image of brand practicing social responsibility, expand the recognition and popularity of VEOCEL™ in C-end and attract more new b-end customers.

Brand TVC development – Green Silk

Watch the showcase video!

The execution

We established VEOCEL™ Global Citizen Program on WeChat and Weibo platforms, and constantly establish the “sustainable lifestyle” concept and environmental protection concept to Global Citizens. Consumers can apply for the “Seeds package” through the interaction in Global Citizen Program H5 or Weibo platform, giving the firsthand experience about the 100% biodegradability of products to consumers. At the same time, the Global Citizen Community also frequently appeared in the large-scale offline market of green life in Shanghai, we also use vlog to further highlight the impact of the concept of sustainable development on consumers, share lifestyle and environmental protection concepts, and spread consumption concept and brand concept。advocated by Global Citizen Community and VEOCEL™.

PR event – 2 events in Shanghai