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About us

We are a locally international creative agency, who fiercely creates brand connectivity with young consumers. Putting everything we do in Europe, South America and China allow us to drive our core practice: strategy, creativity, and cultural experience, rooted in the belief that “Culture can drive brands forward.”

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Our work

We do whatever it takes to find the insights grounded in human truth and develop our strategy from there.
We create work with clients that drives the cultural value and delivers commerce results.

JNBY: Untamed Beauty

Our idea is to embark on a journey to the highlands in Tibet, to deliver a hand-picked precious process by presenting the nature and culture of grazing the yaks. The mission is to promote the local animal wool by improving the native people’s living environment.


Every new year, in this precious moment, we always go home for a reunion. The hometown is the beginning of all growth. When you come back here, you find that only those people and things in your hometown have not changed. 

Skechers: Safe Trip Home

Our idea is to turn the footwear into a god’s blessed symbol for a safe trip. We launched a series of short films to drive the social buzz. We worked with a Hong Kong fortune-teller to endorse the shoes through its product design with a Feng Shui approach.

Ballantine’s: Stay True

Instead of creating a traditional TVC, we launched content evolution specific to our channel. We co-created music videos with true artists Tia and Danker, implanting our brand and product messaging within the lyrics.

GNC: Fits You

We struck a head-to-toe revamp of GNC’s commerce sore with the main strategy of “personalized supplement counseling.” To reach Chinese young consumers, four series of lifestyle product videos were created under four-man TA portfolios.

WMF: The Autumn Reunion

WMF was going to launch the new family cookware in the Tmall Autumn Promotion, but the challenge was that autumn wasn’t a homecoming season. Our solution was to create the second-largest family reunion, “The Autumn Reunion,” for the people of China.

Skechers: Cajon

The idea, “This is my energy” was spread online by music KOLs, and offline by youth culture exhibitions. It finally went viral as consumers purchased the playable Cajon shoebox set on Tmall and created their own short classical-style MVs.



Skechers: Love Is to Be Seen

In collaboration with artist Ton Mak and her IP Flabjacks, we created a series of Tmall exclusive gift boxes and GWPs under the main theme of “Love is to be seen”. Creative assets and total looks were then launched on Tmall 520 & 618 sales festivals.

Hazzys: Moments with Dog

We curated our first art event in Shanghai during the grand opening of Jiuguang Center, which is the first freestyle graffiti performance collaborated with Ethan who is the #1 OG artist. Our mission is to bring art to everyone!

2021 Skechers X 

Idea: Love Doubled

Our idea is to create relevancy with charity to recruit more younger consumers. Make the Skechers has a new group of fans who are pet lovers since its rapid growth market in China.

Walmart: Love Discount

In China, online shopping are driven by discount, the brands disconnect the consumers at the emotional level. This time, Walmart and JD.COM co-launched 88 Festival, invited you to pay less but deliver more to the loved ones.

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We connected

500+ museums in Europe.

Our culture

Our mission is to lower the barriers for Chinese outbound travelers to fulfill a curiosity of the unknown and appreciate the local culture. 4000+ key partners engage with us, including national monuments, museums, art galleries, wellness experience, local family-run businesses.

We believe racism and discrimination are more terrifying than the Covid-19, if it were to spread at the same rate. See our campaign in Europe.

We created an environment-friendly setup and platform for VEOCEL™,establishing the concept “VEOCEL™ = Supporting sustainable lifestyle” in the minds of consumers, and the concept of Global Citizen.

The vision and mission of Madness are to build up a platform for local artists and let them be seen and heard. Our event recruits approximately 200 people bimonthly.


We bring multidisciplinary creatives working together on every stage of the project. We create work with clients and community partners that connects with people on an emotional level, drives the cultural value for clients, and delivers commerce results across the entire connected consumer experience.

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